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"In the middle of the journey of our life, I came to myself in a dark wood, where the straight path was lost."

This is the opening line in Dante's Inferno.

I was living in New York City, working 80+ hours a week in the fashion industry, when I suddenly found myself in "a dark wood." I was 43, in the middle of my life, and facing this realization: I was lost.

Until then, life appeared to be a straight and simple path that society had laid out, that my parents expected, and that I myself anticipated. Follow this path and you will be rewarded. Until you hit a wall, when there isn't enough money, things, promotions, or people to fill the gaping hole that resides in your heart and keeps you up at night.

The straight way is lost.

I had found myself on someone else’s path, participating in a spiritual journey that wasn’t mine. Was it too late to course-correct? How do I find my path? What does my journey look and feel like? With these questions swirling around in my head, I made the bold decision to leave New York City and begin the biggest and most important quest of my life: to seek my own spiritual path.


The AlcheMystic was born out of my own adventure through the process of creating a life I didn't think possible - one that defies possibility.

It was an unexpected, yet accompanied journey of self-discovery. Unlike the straightforward movement of society’s expectations, I followed a path of primal movement, of sacred spiraling, rising and retracing my steps, retrieving and reintegrating the wisdom of the past, while perpetually moving forward.

Bravely walking your own path and participating in the adventure that is your life is not just something you do. It is something you co-create with the Universe. It is your relationship with the Sacred. There is nothing more magical than the presence of the Sacred in your life – it defies the limitations that we often allow to lead our daily lives. And reveals the unique compass and map of our own spirit, heart, and soul.

We must venture into the unfamiliar, discover the geography of our own inner world, and learn to stop fighting against ourselves. When we become open to all avenues of transformation, we come into alignment with the Universe and we receive the greatest gift – we become who we are truly meant to be.

The work we do together is messy and extraordinary; it requires something of you. And it changes everything.

How do I know? Because as I began to co-create the spiritual life and future I wanted for myself, it changed everything for me. Today, I continue to do the challenging work of choosing ME every day, of venturing into the unfamiliar territory within, of connecting to my intuition, and trusting my inner authority. I show up for ME every day.

I show up through my personal daily practices of ancient earth wisdom, sacred ritual, spiritual study, emotional energetics, yoga psychology, intuitive divination, and the wisdom of earthly experiences. And through the traditions and lineages of those teachers who have gone before and left signposts on the path for us to continue the work.

I show up with an open heart, the spirit of gratitude and humility, the willingness to explore the individual creative process, the understanding that you are my greatest teacher, and the knowledge that the work we do together lifts each of us up as Sisters.

I show up having been ushered in by my soul's call to adventure and spiritual purpose.

With my podcast, community membership, and educational library, you have access to all the alchemical tools you'll need to help you discover and walk your path. Together we can awaken your call to adventure and spiritual purpose, illuminate your inner compass, and learn how to navigate the magical path that is your life.

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