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I help women reclaim the magic and meaning of midlife, realign with power and purpose,
and rise into the role of Wise Woman.

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As women entering into the mysteries of midlife, it can often feel as though we've lost our way or that something is missing, in ourselves or in our life.


Perhaps you've lost track of an important part of yourself, and you find yourself wondering who you are now. Or you've felt trapped by loss or a life transition, and you're struggling to make sense of things.Perhaps you thought your life would be more satisfying, and you're tired of the constant striving and pushing through. Or stress and anxiety are constant companions; you're hard on yourself and think you're not enough.

Hi! I'm Sara.

Together, we can change that.

There is a place for you here.

A compassionate guide that meets you right where you are.

Offerings that help you find your way back to yourself.

A path to clarity that unearths your deepest wisdom.

The Wise Woman rises.

You don't have to do this alone.

  • Heal and reclaim the parts of you that were left behind

  • Alchemize pain into purpose and rewrite the narrative to align with your truth

  • Create healthy boundaries and make yourself a priority

  • Create soul-aligned core values rooted in meaning and purpose

  • Feel free to be who you really are - your true self

  • Rediscover your deepest desires and create the biggest vision for your future

  • Connect to your true purpose, reclaim your creative force, and experience expansion in midlife

  • Embody the Wise Woman and live life as sacred ritual

You've always had the power my dear.
You just had to learn it for yourself.

Glinda, The Good Witch

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Navigate the meaning and mystery of midlife with Wise Way; a magical 1:1 mentorship with Sara to help you live into your soul's vision in an aligned and sustainable way.


Join Sara inside Conscious Coven, a mystical sanctuary and community where you can find support and enrich your pilgrimage through midlife. 


Listen to Sara on AlcheMystic Airwaves, a podcast about the mystical and the mundane of midlife, the spirit, the shadow, and the soul.


Study and explore with Sara in the Luminous Library, a curated collection of e-books, courses, and workshops for your midlife expansion. 

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Image of goddess sitting on a rock by Celeste Horrocks

I ended up going on an unexpectedly beautiful journey of self-discovery and personal growth. Sara is fantastically talented at building community and creating a safe learning environment, and then gracefully holds space while you unpack all that was discovered. I am forever grateful for the gift of this life-long journey, and the beautiful relationships that formed from it.

Seana M, Ontario

Image of goddess standing in the forest

My experience far exceeded my expectations. Sara's guidance and knowledge was mind-blowing. Her unique and compassionate approach allowed me to dig deep into myself and transform my inner dialogue. I wasn't expecting it to be such an emotional eye-opening journey. I ended up learning a new way of being - of understanding life, navigating life, and living life. I've learned to love and trust myself for the first time. 

Tabatha P, GA

Image of goddess standing in a temple by Mesha Mittanasala

Sara has an incredible wealth of knowledge in many areas. She Is always open to any questions and helps foster our learning through introspective offerings to help deepen our understanding. I learned more than I could ever have imagined and feel more than confident in my own work now. This was such an invaluable experience and I highly recommend anything Sara offers. She is truly a master at her craft.

Stephanie S, TN

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Explore the shadowy depths of midlife with Sara 1:1 - in person or virtually.


A sanctuary for seekers on the journey through midlife.


A podcast about the mysteries of midlife, the spirit, the shadow, and the soul.


Virtual shelves for curious minds and sacred souls moving through midlife expansion.

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