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Sweet Dreams are Made of This

Updated: Sep 3, 2022

The winter, though, cannot last. Death can never keep a hold on life for more than a little while; Death is a gateway, not an end. It nudges us gently forward, reluctant but understanding, and we step through the gate into air that is ever so slightly warmer, a little heavier, with the scent of flowers almost like a distant memory.

A few tentative green shoots have pushed up through the hard soil. Tiny buds have appeared on the tips of branches overhead. The wind still blows with a chill, but something has altered – something subtle and promising. Each dawn brings a warmer morning, and the air itself whispers of rebirth. The Earth takes a great breath in, lets it out slowly, and stretches stiff limbs before rising.

We feel a sudden need to slough off what remains of the past, to cleanse ourselves and our surroundings. It’s time to make way for what will grow in the new year; to till the fertile ground of our lives and sow our dreams.

And so, we find ourselves here, in the middle of Pisces season, with The Moon card. Positioned at the end of the zodiac year, Pisces is the greatest of all endings, the journey’s culmination. There is an air of reflection and shedding the past. We are able to look back on the journey traveled and integrate in a new way the lessons and gifts we received along the way.

Pisces represents the darkness just before it begins to retreat. It is in this darkness that we often feel safe enough to become who we truly are and where our deepest emotions can roam free. We may find ourselves journeying through the shadows, or coming face to face with whatever has been dwelling in the hidden corners - the things we do not wish to confront. But confrontation is often necessary to discover ourselves on a deeper level and to move past our blocks and barriers.

There is a strength that can be found when we allow ourselves to sit in the dark. Just think of the seed. As it is submerged into the dark soil, it is positioned to grow and flourish into something new and grand. The same can be said for us.

When we engage with The Moon, we can see things in a much clearer way, not necessarily seeing them with our two eyes, but with the third eye that is connected to our soul. We can leave the material world behind for a time and move into the realm of this darkness - this void - surrendering to the mystery, to the unknown, in a way we haven’t before.

But what do we do when suddenly we can’t see with our two eyes? We have no perception of whether we’re moving forward or backward. We have no idea where we are. We’re not sure if what we are seeing is what we are actually seeing. There is no discernable horizon. What will we choose to do in a moment like this?

Our human egos and nervous systems do not like or appreciate unknowns. We are trying to discern the next steps on our path through the lens of the moonlight, when things do not appear as they actually are; it feels murky and oftentimes quite scary. When we allow ourselves to surrender to the darkness, what becomes illuminated are our dreams, the messages from inner wisdom and our guides, and our intuitive visions. Things start to rise up within us that we weren’t previously attuned to. We begin to embrace the mystery of life and the unknown.

What if we simply allowed ourselves to float in the waves, gaze up at the moon, and not try to know anything right now?

What if we allowed this to be an opening, for us to drop into ourselves in a way that we never imagined possible before?

What if this is something that awakens us to our own intuitive gifts, to our own connections, to the waters we've never given ourselves the chance to swim in before?

The unknown is a scary concept and we tend to try to make meaning of something that doesn't necessarily have meaning yet. When things are unknown, we can either fight it, attempting to enact control, or we can be with what is, rest in the waters of our own being, and begin to understand what happens underneath the surface of our soul. The only way out of this surreal landscape is through.

Pisces energy – through The Moon - guides us to go with the flow and to learn the art of surrender. One of the gifts it teaches us is to release control, trusting that all will be well and all that is meant to be will eventually come to pass. To show compassion to our past selves, and to only take into the future the parts of our past that we wish to take.

We are about to start a new chapter, with so much potential for healing and doing things differently. And during Pisces season we are given the opportunity for reflection upon who we have become and the challenges that have molded us into wiser humans.

What would I create in my life if I had absolutely no limitations, and anything was possible?

As we move forward on our own unique and individual paths, we must do so with the guidance of our higher selves as well as spirit. This is the moment for accessing intuition, trusting ourselves, and surrendering to the process. Soon enough, something crucial will be rebirthed into our conscious awareness.

For now, we must trust and surrender to the mysteries of this threshold and befriend the illusions and fantasies that dwell here.

Sara xo

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