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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Updated: Sep 3, 2022

On December 21st we experienced another turning of the wheel with the Winter Solstice, a time of great stillness and deep reflection on the lessons and gifts that 2021 brought for each of us - the opportunities for growth and change.

The Solstice was also a time of pause and preparation for the fresh cosmic energies waiting to usher us into and through 2022, a year that awakens the memory of the seed we carry in our spiritual heart; of love, harmony, inner peace, and union. An ancient remembrance is stirring. A return home to a true embodiment of self-love, self-awareness, and self-care.

This past year asked us to engage in the process of creative deconstruction, but to think that process complete would be false as it will continue, depending on our willingness to take a deep dive into self. What is required of each of us now is to rebuild a solid foundation for the Self.

Self-nurturing of the mind, body, and spirit will be key to creating a more harmonious experience in the world; taking a cue from the natural world and not allowing the busy-ness of life to take away our sense of inner peace. A slowing down to allow ourselves to receive and bring more balance to into our daily life. This is a year to move forward, slowly, with focused intention and purpose, creating the opportunity for each of us to master the art of simply BEING.

Through the lens of tarot, this is The Lovers year. The Lovers card represents a powerfully reflective opportunity to explore our relationship with self and the understanding that we are the Lovers in question; that we are the soul mate we have been seeking.

The Lovers is an invitation to examine the ways in which we receive love, and the ways we are connected with the internal pieces of ourselves. Are we transferring our meaning, our desires, on someone or something outside of ourselves? Are we forgetting that if we love or desire something or someone outside of ourselves, that what we are seeing is a reflection of the love or desire we are seeking within ourselves?

Often what we pursue in another is something we see or desire that we feel is missing or wanting within ourselves. The Lovers is an opportunity to look at how we are externalizing and projecting onto others what we most desire for ourselves. And similarly, when we have strong feelings of dislike for other people or things, it is a reflection of what we may be giving away or what we dislike about ourselves.

The Lovers is a card of deep reflection and review, where we get to hold the mirror up to ourselves and really inquire into the relationship we have with our own self, noticing the parts of ourselves that we feel separated from, or that we feel are “broken” or “ugly” or “missing,” and then inviting these lost soul pieces back to us so they may be wholly integrated.

Where are you continually giving pieces of yourself away to others in order to feel validated or loved?

How can you reclaim those parts of yourself, and lovingly and compassionately invite them back and reintegrate them into the whole?

The Lovers is a profound opportunity to fall in love with ourselves in a whole new way, perhaps in a way we had never considered before; to see the magic of the mirror and its transformative effects on us as human beings, and to access our shadow self, embracing and making room for all the parts of our being.

Through the lens of numerology, six is considered to be the most nurturing of all numbers – the embodiment of the heart. It represents unconditional love and carries an energy of support, inspiration, and healing. As a powerful force of compassion and empathy, it will ask each of us to use our heart and soul to be of service to others.

On a personal level, six represents reciprocity - an exchange of energy - and the relationship we have with ourselves and with other people, after we have moved through deep shadow work and gained clarity on the other side of the experience. We learn to celebrate ourselves and allow ourselves to be celebrated by others, to heal others through our own healing, to trust the wisdom and discernment of others by trusting our own, and to balance our own resources while helping to balance our collective resources.

We are being called to level up into the full expression of our divine, sacred, sovereign selves. And as we experience a reawakening on an individual and a global scale, we are being called to be better caretakers of this sacred earth and of each other. To truly be of service, take a deep look at who you allow into your sacred space. Remember to reconnect to your own mystical center and true sense of self. Find your truth and build upon that.

Sara xo

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