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After the Storm, Peace

Updated: Sep 3, 2022

If we're mastering something, it means we're probably going to repeat it a lot, spend a lot of time with it - there's no end goal. We will inevitably have periods where things feel really challenging and confusing, and periods when things feel really clear.

For most of us, the astrology of this year so far feels just like that. It's been a forced master class on recognizing our deep internal rhythms, our connection to this world, and our place in it. We're learning how to be a part of something much bigger than we are.

What is being asked of us is a total transformation and rebirth into our truth, into our freedom, into our liberation, and into our understanding of ourselves in the world around us. For many of us, the biggest victory, in terms of understanding the world around us, is that sometimes we're not meant to understand in quite the way we believe we are.

So, now what? What happens when we start to feel into the power, the vastness, the infinite wisdom, and the beauty of the connection that can happen when we live in alignment, not only with our soul, but also in co-creative connection with Source?

When we go through personal and emotional upheaval, we often find a sense of calm afterward; a wholeness, openness, and healing. This is where we find ourselves during Aquarius season, and with The Star tarot card. The Star is not a card of action, but of inner calm and the experience of peace. It is the offer of hope and a sense of healing and wholeness, (especially after the emotional storm that was our January astrology). For the moment, the journey can wait.

The Star is the healer of the tarot and is all about rest and regeneration, an opportunity for things to cool and for nature to reset itself. When an animal goes through any kind of trauma, they often take the time to immediately shake out the entire trauma from their nervous system, so they’re not holding it. We, as humans, are not taught to do this, which is why a lot of us end up holding trauma in our bodies and in our minds for our whole lives.

When we follow the rhythm of the soul, there are moments where we're meant to rest, restore, rejuvenate, nourish, and let the fires get cooled down through love and healing practices. We learn that by healing ourselves, we heal the collective. When we take the time to heal ourselves, we make room for the healing process of others. It's a healing not just for ourselves but also for the generations in our line, forward and backward, for everyone that we influence, everyone that we teach, and everyone that we care for.

When we surrender and let the soul lead, we really open up and allow the arrow that has been lodged in our heart to be removed so that the wound that's become so closed around that arrow can properly heal. We do this as individuals in our own lives, and collectively as a society.

The work of upleveling into the full expression of our divine, sacred, sovereign selves can be tense and uncomfortable, but ultimately it’s growth-inducing and will help us realign with our authenticity and our path. Make no mistake – this is a cosmic course correction - where we turn the waves of illusion and suffering into wings of strength and liberation.

Remember, this is a year to move forward, slowly, with focused intention and purpose. There is more work to come. Take the time now to rest, resource, and regenerate.

After the storm, peace.

Sara xo

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