public classes

mon || 6:00 pm || dynamic vinyasa flow || Revolution Yoga Studio

wed || 5:45 pm || dynamic vinyasa flow || Savannah Yoga Barre

wed || 7:15 pm || restorative yoga || Savannah Yoga Barre

sat || 9:30 am || dynamic vinyasa flow || Savannah Yoga Barre

private sessions

A mix of yoga psychology, alchemical astrology, yoga practices, chakra healing and mystic divination, these customized one-on-one sessions begin with a complimentary consultation. through inquiry we will create a program that is therapeutically designed for the individual.

Whether deepening your existing practice or developing a new one, expect to dive deep into the energetic body gaining a greater understanding of both the conscious + unconscious parts of the psyche for a truly Wholistic experience. In-person and Skype sessions available.

Online scheduling